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What are your least favorite things when shopping online? We assume that waiting for the package to arrive is one of the most frustrating parts. Everyone knows how hard it is to wait in anticipation so that you can use your new purchase! With digital download, you will not have to wait for shipping. In fact, your desired product will be in your hands the moment you buy it! Well, metaphorically, of course. After you purchase your product from Digifitch, the print files will be immediately ready for print. With our new Christmas special collection, you won’t have to wait to decorate your Christmas ornaments. You will also have the comfort of knowing there are no custom fees here! Since a digital product store has a far lower cost than a traditional product store, you will get to shop in the cheapest way possible.

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time is money
svg files have premium quality

Although our digital products are ideal for Christmas, you don’t have to use your purchase only during this time. You can print your digital download in any type of product you want. Your downloads will be in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format, and that is a big advantage. What this means is that you will be able to use your downloads in any size without losing their quality! Your Christmas ornaments of all sizes will be in good hands! 

SVG images can be rendered in high quality at any size. This also means that you will have many sizes in just one purchase. Seems like a pretty good deal.
               You will also be able to have your digital download in PNG format. PNG images have transparent backgrounds, and this will make it possible for you to use your digital downloads anywhere. PNG images have many other advantages. For example, after image compression, there is no loss of detail or quality. It can handle
a wide range of colors, making it suited for a variety of digital pictures, including our high-quality graphics.
              How many products have you bought that have worn off after some time? You won’t have this problem with digital downloads because they last forever! Digital downloads, unlike physical things, are not open to wearing off. They are unlikely to become outdated in the long run. There isn’t any physical condition to worry about. Digital downloads can be utilized continuously and will always be in the same state as when they were purchased. Just store them safely in a cloud, and you are good to go! Consider the possibilities! How is your three-year-old favorite sweater doing these days?

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